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Below are some of the kind words about Wavelore Products that a few folks have shared with us.

The library includes plenty of MIDI expression options....Wavelore deserve their five stars, both for daring to be different, and for the careful thought that has gone into the construction.

John Walden, Sound on Sound Magazine.

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It's not too often that you find a couple of instruments that actually make you feel like you're playing the real thing, but Mark & Co. have somehow done it. Twice, in fact, considering he made a GVI instrument and now the Kontakt 2/3 versions of these amazing instruments. The sonics, the playability, and attention to detail that they both have is just amazing. I always seem to find a use for them since they are so much fun to play. Mind you, the Pedal Steel can sound cool "out of the box", but once you start diving under the hood of this instrument, you see the complexity and the programmability it has for those who take the plunge. I've always loved the idea of using pedal steel and now, I can have it!

Thanks Mark, for 2 wonderful instruments!

John Van Tongeren, BMI/Gemini Award Winning composer for television series' The Outer Limits, and The 4400, and such films as Speed, Armageddon, Thelma and Louise, Twister, and Dante's Peak.

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The Wavelore American Zither is one of those impeccably programmed instruments that discriminating composers seek. Right from the start, having 12 samples per note, "round robin" and "iMIDI," indicated that I would probably like it. I was able to use it in a way that was both realistic sounding and very humanly expressive. Mark Belbin and company, through an obvious love of their craft, have chosen to establish themselves at the higher echelon of sampling.

Steven Chesne, composer for such prime-time television shows as Batman: the Animated Series, Family Matters, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, The Hogan Family, Perfect Strangers, and Step by Step. He has received numerous awards for outstanding achievement for his compositions from several organizations including ASCAP, Billboard, and USC School of Music.

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I recently purchased the Zither sampled virtual instrument from Wavelore. I think it is an excellent product, and I will warmly recommend it to my colleagues. Not only is the audio recording absolutely first class, but the scripting of the program is really creative. The main problem with writing for sampled instruments on a MIDI keyboard is that an unwanted, donut-chomping, "keyboard player" phrasing easily imposes itself onto the music. It can be a real vibe-killer. Mark's imaginative scripting enables you to escape that block-like banality of the programming suite, and really celebrate the quirks and peculiarities of the Zither.

I look forward eagerly to Mark applying his superb talents to other instruments. Mark - any chance of a clavichord?

Guy Sigsworth, co-writer and producer for Madonna, Bjork, Seal, and Imogen Heap.

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The American Zither is a wonderful sounding instrument. It is very easy to use, very flexible and playable. The sound is instantly recognizable and instantly connects emotionally.I have used AZ in programming for both the cher and Pink show. I have also used it on a great many sessions for TV and film work. I look forward to your next project.

Paul Mirkovich, Musical Director for Pink, Cher, Janet Jackson, Rockstar on CBS, Starmaker on CBS.

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We used your Zither on a recent score, and it worked great and fit into mixes very easily, so great work!

Emmy Award winner Edward Shearmur, composer for many popular films including both Charlie's Angels outings, Cruel Intentions, Species II, and K-PAX. Edward has also collaborated as both a keyboardist and arranger with a number of top performers including Eric Clapton, Annie Lennox, Pink Floyd, Marianne Faithfull, Bryan Adams, Echo & The Bunnymen, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

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